These 3 Simple Insider Travel Tips Are Crucial For Pain-Free Vacation, Says Andrew M. Berke

andrew m berkeWhen it comes to once-in-a-lifetime vacations, biting off more than you can chew has serious implications. While it’s understandable that you’d like to see as much of unseen vistas before, it may be logistically impossible to do so. That’s because you’re often as the mercy of public transportation schedules, hours of operations, conducive weather and a number of other factors that could delay or outright cancel your plans. That’s why travel guide expert Andrew M. Berke is here with his insider tips that will help you plan a manageable vacation that will similarly leave you pleased with the outcome upon your return home.

According to Fodors Travel Guide, some of Europe’s greatest cities can be digested in a week’s time. That’s great news, according to Andrew M. Berke, because no self-proclaimed wander-lust individual can claim the title without setting foot in Paris, London, Berlin and destinations beyond. “Whether you opt to explore the historic, fashion-conscious, bourgeois, or bohemian and arty sides of Paris, one thing is certain: the City of Light will always enthrall,” says Fodors. As such, essential Parisian stops include an afternoon boat tour along the Seine river, a visit to the Louvre art museum and a stop at the Notre-Dame church. The key aspect of these destinations is that they are all located with Paris proper and easily accessible via subway rides.

“This brings us to our next point,” says travel expert Andrew M. Berke. “You absolutely can not stray away from public transportation. Do as a local and you will accomplish what they do on a daily basis.” While language barriers may be a very hurdle to clear, Mr. Berke says that you’ll save massive amounts of money and there will be no shortage of locals, fellow tourists and employees of said transportation company to assist you. According to transportation pros in the Netherlands, those looking to get around in Amsterdam will have to buy the “OV Chipkaart” first and load it with approximately 40 Euros. “Which brings us to the next point,” says Mr. Berke. “Planning ahead is one of the wisest investments of time you can make.” Consider this: How else would you know where the train station is if you’re in a foreign country without cell service? Print out an itinerary that you planned from the comfort of your own home and the daunting travels suddenly seem more manageable. According to Andrew M. Berke, these three simple planning tips translate to crucial insider advice from a travel expert who’s been there and back!

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